Ladies… this will help explain… maybe you can share with your guy


You remember those nights. Out with your girlfriends. Maybe you had a favorite spot or maybe you went clubbing from one to another. It was fun meeting friends and making new friends.  Do you also remember the gauntlet?


Do you remember trying to move from one area of the bar to the other? Remember the accidental brushes you felt? Those bull shit “excuse me’s” that followed the cheap pass-by feels? Those guys were sleaze balls, right? Remember them?


Of course, you are very clear on the perils of the subway ride. Those guys (the sleaze balls) ride the subways during morning and evening rush hours. They use the same brush by let-me-catch-a-cheap-thrill technique on display in the clubs. I know the thought of these guys makes your skin crawl. You know who I am talking about.



Well, when your “real estate agent” tells you and your man to go out looking at homes to buy on your own and call them when you find one you like, you have found the real estate version of the bar and subway sleazeball. When the idea that it is ok to just do this on your own and call for help when all is done seems a bit crazy, you are right. Your “sleazeball” antennae is working just find.

Use the bar and subway analogy to explain to your guy….this is sleazeball behavior.

After you complete that mission, if you want an agent that will work with you every step of the way……drop me a line or give me a call at 301-509-5111. If you are in my market, I will help. If you are outside my market…I will track down a good Realtor.

You really ought to free up the sleaze-ball’s time. He belongs out there groping his way through life.

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