I see, work is now required, where have all the lenders gone!!!!

It is quarter of seven on a Sunday night. I am sitting in my office. Just another day in the life. Had the chance to show homes to first time buyers this morning from 8:30 to 11:30 (which turned into 12) and then held an open house from 1-4 (which turned into 4:30) and then came back here to follow up with the open house guests and chat with the buyers from this morning.

Good news, buyers want to write. Bad news, they are not comfy with Bank of America. No problem, I have several lenders that are more than willing to chat with a buyer. Hmmmm, Mason Dixon… voice mail… no call…. Prosperity… voice mail… Prosperity 2… voice mail… no call… prosperity 3… voice mail… no call (and long and foster owns part of this mickey mouse group)… Vision Mortgage… no answer… NORM… no answer….. Dynamic Capital… no answer… hmmm.

So why the hell didn’t anyone tell me that all the changes in the mortgage industry included a move to working monday through friday from 9-5?????????????//

Oh, I have a family in Virginia, sitting in a hotel just waiting for me to clear my calendar.

You can bet all the lenders that have been unavailable will have an excuse and apologize and then in the same breath ask for referrals.

They should all eat bad food and die.

UPDATE: It seems that Ms. Kelly Goodwin from Prosperity Mortgage is working. She called me. She called my clients. She did whatever it is that mortgage folks do and sent over a satisfactory letter to include with an offer. The offer is written and will be presented in the morning. It is now 11 pm. You just have to love this business.

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