You can’t keep a good chicken roaster down

Not too long ago, one of my favorite restaurants ran into a bit of trouble. El Pollo Rico in Wheaton, Md was charged with operating a cash business and maybe not reporting all of the income. A raid was conducted an apparently several of the employees had overlooked the proper immigration procedures. The owners of the restaurant have been charged with assisting these employees and maybe paying them cash and offering them living accomodations. That part of the story piqued my interest. It appears that these folks have been big real estate investors locally.

But I digress.

There were police and fbi and immigration folks and all the usual suspects showing up to shut down this cash cow. Customers were rousted from their chairs and made to forfeit meals paid for but uneaten. The government did it’s job and we can sleep better tonight.

There was much sorrow and gnashing of teeth in the area. No one prepared a rotisserie chicken like the folks at El Pollo Rico. Their fare has been judged the best in Washington by Washingtonian Magazine for years. Juicy chicken dinners were offered at a fraction of the cost of other restaurants. The following days saw scores of customers stop and peek in the window and walk on by….thoughts of that chicken dancing in their head.

Like phoenix rising from the ashes, the scent of chicken roasting filled the air again today. It seems that the court system has allowed them to reopen while out on bail so that they can raise money for their defense. I won’t question that the court has allowed them to continue doing what got them in the jam in the first place. I will just make sure I stop by for a chicken dinner.

You never know when the doors may close for good.

Of course, if that happens…Continental is right down the street but that is the stuff of another blog.

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