Who are these people???

I have this listing in the American Finmark. It’s a one bedroom condo on the second floor just waiting for a young professional that wants to own his or her first piece of the rock. I had already warned the owners that the condo market was a bit soft and they would have to price it attractively to generate interest. They thought about it, looked over all the information that I gave them and decided on a figure.

I crossed my fingers and scheduled an open house.

Who are these people?

I had folks, young and old, with and with out agents coming through the door from when we started at 1pm until we shut it down at 5pm. At one point, I turned to my partner and asked her to pinch me. I asked, “Is this 2005 or 2007?”

Once again, the real estate market in our area has turned on a dime. Shifts that were once slow now occur in moment. Buyers are showing up in the office seeking help. The phone is beginning to ring on a regular basis. It seems that the realization that now is a great time to buy has finally sunk in.

I don’t share this to startle anyone and I certainly don’t want to give the impression that I am so busy that I just can’t help anyone else. I always have time.

I suppose that my joy is best explained in this fashion. I love the Christmas season and I love shopping. The excitement in the air is palbable. The crowds, that some of you dread, represent a whole lot of happy people to me. Every long line is a sign that lots of people are going to have a happy Christmas morning.

The increased buyer activity is an indication that soon, lots of folks will be enjoying a new home and in many cases it will be their first home of their own. I can’t represent all the sellers and all the buyers, but I sure can enjoy an active market. Some of those that I do have the chance to work with will become part of the new generation of home owners. The opportunity to play a small part in the ongoing community transitions around me is a wonderful reward for the effort I make.

Who are these people?

They are your new neighbors, your new friends, and in some cases – my new clients! It is a great time to be a Realtor.

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