Welcome to the National Naval Medical Center

This logo represents the home of the finest Navy Medical care in the world. Those of us that live and work in the area, have driven by the hospital for years and I have to admit, that after a period of time it becomes merely a benchmark in a trip up and down Wisconsin Avenue.

Well, your new duty station (or place of employment) has been standing since the day after Independence Day in 1938. Members of your facility have been called upon to take care of Presidents and foreign dignitaries. Your alumni were the ones that assisted President Roosevelt with his fight against polio.

Your base was the place that the nation entrusted the final remains of JFK.

Reagan and his wife both sought out your care.

Sounds impressive, but totally overlooks your main mission. You will now serve in the capacity of care giver to our heroes. The members of the armed forces that have been wounded in battle will be at your door.

There is much to do and see in the area. When you reach the point that you would like more information, I would welcome the opportunity to provide that information to you. If you are going to be here long term and would like to discuss an alternative to base housing, I will be glad to set aside time for you.

If none of the above are necessary, I speak for all in my community and my fellow professionals when I say,

Thank you for your compassion, your care giving and your service.

Should you want to reach me, give me a call on my cell 301-537-4377 or email me. If you would like to check out other benefits offered military personel, go to military avenue.

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