The wonderful world of forums

We Realtors are a group like any other. We have our boards where we share information with one another. We also pontificate about the world at large. Sometimes this sharing turns ugly. Toes are stepped on, posts are volleyed back and forth and often someone removes themself from the fray, vowing to never visit that particular forum again.

We Realtors are a group like any other. After some recent acrimony between members of two boards, I thought, there must be others such as this. There are probably folks across this broad interweb that are dipping their toes into the water and reaching out to communicate with other like minded folks.

If you happen to frequent any message boards or forums, I would like you to consider the following.

Everyone has to live within the confines of their own shoes. There are many people that happen to cross our paths on a regular basis and we judge them for the fraction of time they spend in our awareness. It is unfortunate, that often, we base our decisions on the “tip of the iceberg”.

There are agents that have very close friends suffering from incurable diseases. As with anyone else, the stress of watching someone you care for deeply die a slow and painful death occasionally causes folks to act out. It is very hard to maintain control of all aspects of your life when you are losing one of the reasons you live that life.

There are agents that have great professional success and go through personal changes that challenge their ability to present a fair and balanced image to others all of the time. Regardless of market, there are agents that are moving through the maturation process that everyone struggles with when they go through the transition from 20 something to early thirties.

I don’t know if there is a medical term to describe a condition in which a person falters and flounders when attempting to share on a forum. I have heard of a stroke in which speech and the ability to write is temporarily lost. I do believe there are many that sit before a keyboard and know what they are trying to say and it just doesn’t come out that way.

There are many possible reasons that the online personna of agents is nowhere near the person behind the keyboard. Often a phone call and a ten minute conversation will ferret out the truth.

It is only my opinion, but the last thing I believe anyone should do is take it to heart that those on any forum are as good, bad or indifferent as they may appear.

These are just people. Some have internet experience, some don’t. Some have the ability to express themselves fluently and some don’t. There is value in what is shared by anyone.

I am not without blame. I too have judged and castigated and irritated. I have fallen short of my own standards. I will continue to attempt to become the person I can be. Hopefully I will avoid the piling on that occurs when others stumble in their journey.

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