Super bowled over… I am in the game!!!

I will be the first to admit that I think the biggest value on Active Rain is localism. I know that discounts the wonderful friendships that have developed here. I know that overlooks the pure joy of reading Andrew Lenza. I know that seems to discount Lenn Harleys informative posts. But, it is what it is.

Recently, I mentioned that my hopes of being discovered on Google were rather minute. I have been cursed with the same name of one of America’s most prolific evangelists. I was convinced, search for me and you better bring a lunch.


I received the following email. I have no doubt Active Rain put me in their wheel house.

We are a military family preparing to move to the Washington D.C. area as first time home buyers. However, we currently live in Darmstadt, Germany, so the home buying process is a bit more complicated for us and will involve some complicated planning and working with a dedicated buyers agent. We’ve had contact with a number of agents, and found a number of properties we are interested in, but have not found an agent we are ready to work with yet. I found your information on Google, of all places, and your interest in both military moves and first time home buyers intrigued my husband and I, along with your dedication to family (which was apparent on the website). We are very interested to talking with you more about our plans for finding our new nest. Please bear in mind, while we would prefer to converse by phone, there is a 6 hour time difference between Washington D.C. and our home in Germany. With Thanks, Amy and Kevin

So, maybe I end up representing them and maybe I don’t. Active Rain has given me the chance to get in the game. The rest is on me.

It’s all about localism baby!

Update: dateline, Olney, MD 2/4/08.

Spoke with the clients today. Amazing thing these internet phone switches. I say hi in Olney and it bounces to Chicago and then ricochets off a satellite and ends up in their phone in Germany. It seems that I may have a client. They are interested in a home that is about a block away from my house. Ha ha, talk about being the local expert….I knew the price of fresh okra at the local market. So the journey for them has begun and I am on board as the Maryland Sherpa.

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