Spring Inspiration and Positive Views: the end to our winter of discontent

spring sings

I live and work in close proximity to our Nation’s Capital. I have experienced three score or more Springs. As April finds her way clear of chilly March winds and shakes of the dusty remnants of a long winter past……..the world changes overnight.

Bright blue skies frame delicate cherry blossoms throughout the area. Grey trees erupt in delightful coat of more shades of green than one could imagine. The dank, musty odor of spring shower covered mulch is removed and replaced by the soft scent of hibiscus, hyacinth and delightful aroma of fresh grass.

No one does Spring like Washington.

I have to admit, I am guilty of stopping and pausing throughout the day. I try to stretch my schedule to allow for time to watch birds build new nests. I create “pretend” appointments so that I can sit on the bank of the Potomac and watch people watching people watch people. Those moments give my time to reflect on my life, my family, my friends and my work.

The roller coaster of seasonal change continues. For me, the first stop each year is Spring. All things are new again. Have we really gone through yet another year? For all the dire predictions, I have survived. I chuckle to myself and am reminded of a quote “Of nine troubles coming down the road, nine will never get here.”  I don’t know who said it. I used to know. It is important to note, I remember the quote, not the author.

As Springs comes in and surrounds me with her passion for new life and new beginnings, I once again welcome every day. I see a endless opportunities to make a difference every day. I have yet another year’s knowledge, another year’s experience and another year’s understanding of the importance of my greatest gift to others.

Compassion. Another season begins and I have a better comprehension of what I truly have to offer in every interaction. I have the chance to counsel and guide people in home buying and selling decisions. I have the chance to share. It does not matter that years from now, they may not remember my name. My hope is that those that buy, will remember the home and those that sell remember the opportunity they had to move on.

Summer will follow Spring and we shall enjoy those lazy, hazy days. Many will pause and enjoy a holiday. It is Spring. It is our time to begin again. It is our time to seize the day. It is our busiest time of the year. If you feel a bit lethargic, take a break, take a walk. It is the time for all of us to renew our efforts to leave the world, our neighborhood and our home in better shape than we found it at Winter’s End.

If you have been caught in the paralyzing grip of Winter’s bad news; if you have found yourself on the fence, frozen by dire predictions; if you have felt stripped of your comfort zone…it is Spring. It is your time to renew as well. If your plans involve buying or selling a home and you would like a fresh perspective….call me. Tudela-MacArthur likes to describe our service as “Every Step of the Way”. I can’t help it, I have to say that Spring puts a cheerful bounce in our step.

If real estate transactions are not in your plans, I heartily recommend that you find a little “me” time and go for a walk, smell a flower or two, take in the beauty and enjoy our Spring. You can join the choir that sings “hallelujah, it is Spring and it is the end to our winter of discontent.”

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