Some hurricanes are only gentle zephyrs in our mind…

Then you have that hurricane in West Viginia that is the domicile of Sweet Sarah. Now I have been reading her blog because I did not know any better. I really thought that if I hit enter, and something appeared on my screen and I read and enjoyed it, that was o.k. Now, after perusing many other blogs, there seems to be a point of contention regarding what is proper and peeling back the layers of this onion, how important spelling and diction seem to be to some of the members. I guess some folks have forgotten that just like there is a spell check button, if you don’t like what is written……….there is that back button up there to the left. 

Let me state, this onion (AR) is as sweet as any Vidalia onion harvested in Georgia. Just like those vidalias, that can be used in a salad, on a burger, in chili, in gumbo and diced on a hot dog, AR can be used in many ways as well. The uses of this forum are as varied and many as the participants can imagine. Just as all the Emerill or Racheal Ray (I am actually more inclined to follow Alton Brown) wannabes can concoct different uses for onions, scribes with any sort of ambition can come to AR and present their case.

So I wandered across the interweb and settled into a morning of good reading. I have figured out how to subscribe so I can locate those writers I enjoy quickly. I first read a blog on spelling (another one?!?) and it referenced a post by one of the off beat writers I enjoy. Sweet Sarah had a new post and I went to read (I don’t know crap about moderators)

Well I commented and the ever so kind Sarah said, “go cut and paste and post that now.” I am old and have learned long ago, never cross a pixie like blonde when she orders you to do something. She may kick you in the shins or curse you or something horrible. So, here it is, and Sarah, yeah, this is just for you.

Sarah – I only started reading your blog because you had the word hurricane in it. I figured if I supported the blog a bit, it would help your google ranking and people would see the word hurricane and maybe remember that there are still victims from Katrina that need help. Then I began enjoying the places your brain visited.

Today, I read the blog and thought….moderators? You mean to tell me someone has accepted the challenge of moderating over 50,000 members? That is almost unbelievable! I began to read the comments. If moderaters don’t read email, not to worry, the Justice Department has it’s eye on all email.

Then the comments took a turn. I found myself standing in the middle of a virtual party where I knew some of the guest’s names, but I was clearly out of the “inner” loop. I moved behind the punch bowl table and continued reading. There is a certain wistful joy that accompanies seeing good friends enjoy one another. There is also a sadness whispering an undercurrent feeling of – once again the insecure timid soul has spent too much time on the outside looking in.

Regardless of the existence of moderators, it is quite obvious that AR was a place where many new friends have been discovered. Words shared in posts, comments, emails and on the phone have cemented bonds that will last beyond the answer to any questions.

In the end, this thread is like a campfire on a cool autumn evening. Friends sharing thoughts, laughing and enjoying the moment and as trite as over used sayings may be – it truly does not get better than this.

So there you have it Ms. Cooper, now go take those girls out to the creek and let them see fall…fall.

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