Single Family Homes in Montgomery County for $400,000 and lower???

I have lived in and around this county all my life. Suffice it to say that I have reached that long in the tooth status. I have watched the county grow (Georgia Avenue was a two lane road and Wheaton Plaza was woods).

I have lived through the ups and downs of housing markets. This one has been a doozy. One thing that really caught my eye was that a family could actually buy a single family home for around $400,000 or less again. How sweet it is to see that prices have come down to the level that homes have become affordable. Take a look at these. They represent a portion of what is out there right now.

This home is located in Silver Spring, north of Dennis Ave. It has 5 bedrooms and 2 baths. It is close to Metro, shopping and has easy access to 495. It is selling for $309,999. I can hardly believe it. That is a single family home at a townhome price.

This home is located in Takoma Park. That’s right, Takoma Park that has been priced so high for so long, many have given up hope. It has 5 bedrooms and one bath. There is rough in for another. Takoma Park for only $320,000. Payments could run as low as $1900 per month.

The next bargin I came across is located in Conneticutt Avenue estates. I know the neighborhood well, I live here. Solid homes built by Kay or Greenberg in the late 50’s. This one offers 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It is selling for only $329,990. This could be home for less than you imagine.

The last home I will share now is this gem. It is a little farther out. It is located in Germantown but take a look. It is a 4 bedroom, 3 and one half bath, colonial. It is more than a bargin at the low price of $400,000. Think long and hard about it. If this matches your dreams….act now. If not, someone else will be living in your dream home.

Imagine, while everyone else is sitting back waiting, you could be moving into your own home. If these homes have caused you to pause and rethink sitting on the fence…..GOOD. My name is John MacArthur and I am a Realtor in this area. If you would like to discuss this information with me, I can be reached at 301-509-45111 or you can send me an e-mail me at . I would be glad to discuss any one of them with you. A phone call may be the first step to your next home. I am available at 301-509-45111. Let’s talk. I never promise the moon, but I always give down to earth information.

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