I wouldn’t dream of buying a home without counsel…why would you?

I have a great job. Folks that need help in buying or selling homes come to me and I get to help them navigate the waters until their goal is reached. I don’t do it alone. I have a partner (my ever so brilliant bride-to-be Lourdes) that visits each home we are asked to put on the market. She sees things I don’t see and I see things she would not consider looking for. The two of us make suggestions regarding what will be necessary to get the home in “sale shape”. When we are representing buyers, she also sees the homes that are being considered. Again, she may notice things that I don’t see. The two of us are just the tip of the ice berg.

We are no different than most professional real estate agents. We have sifted through members of ancillary professions to develop an entire team of specialized folks that assist us in either buying or selling. We are in position to offer referrals to one or two or three people in each profession needed. We do this everyday and we have learned which folks actually perform and which ones are merely coasting.

The access to these tradespeople and other professionals does make a difference. Every home inspector listed in the yellow pages is not the same. You want one that is a member of his/her professional association and one that will be focused on ferreting the truth and not just getting the deal done. (side note- I have heard agents complain that a home inspector killed their deal. That never happened … the condition of the property killed the deal.)

We have many sources that keep us up to date and protect the interests of our clients.

Wouldn’t dream of looking for a home or selling a home without them.

It just boggles the mind when you see folks wandering the streets to report back to the “redfins” of the world what they have found or worse yet having unrepresented folks wander in an open house.

We are just two of the thousands upon thousands of professionals that are available to protect consumers.

If we wouldn’t do a transaction without the support of others…my dear consumer….why would you.

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