I survived

2006 to be more specific. I work in a market (DC area) that has undergone a radical change in the last year. I am too damn old and dumb to realize how the change would affect agents. I am still a baby in this field. I find it rather ironic that I can now qualify to manage an office and still have a tough time finding the right light switches when I have to close the office in the evening.

I digress.

I have run with the “get rich quick” herd. I didn’t even know they were here. Like I said, I am rather slow. I became a Realtor because my roommate sold her house. Our experience led to the infamous “Hey, if he is a top agent in this market, you need to get into real estate.” I balked. I had a nice little job, steady pay strolling along to retirement. What was she thinking? Work weekends????? Does the term superfecta ring any bells? Does the thought of spending Saturday and Sunday morning hitting golf balls ring vaguely familiar?

She persisted. She took the classes with me. She told everyone it was to support me. Hell, I know the truth. She went with me to make sure I would go. I got my license and managed to make more money in 7 months than I had the entire previous year. I found out that the stress of either side of a transaction is tremendous. I listened to tapes and went to seminars. I heard Deepak say “let go”. Let go my rear end, I am on the line here.

Then I made it through another boom year. It got less stressfull and I made a big old pot of money. I forgot that I had not seen one triple crown race or hit a golf ball with friends.

Then 2006 came along. A funny thing happened. I survived. I learned to let go. I played a little more golf and found out the world would not end if I turned the phone off at 9 and put the blackberry out of sight at the same time.

This is not so bad. January came and the office is a bit thinner. I survived. I think I only managed to hold on because I learned how to let go.

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