Finally, College Park Maryland is planning to have a town center


As long as I can remember, College Park, Maryland has been nothing more than a spot on the map representing where the University of Maryland is located. The main road in front of the campus is Route 1. This little strip offered a few bars, a hamburger joint and a campus book store.

Yep, that is the extent of it.

Hold onto your hat Dorothy…….we are in for a ride.

Announcing Plans for the EAST CAMPUS REDEVELOPMENT

As Montgomery County Executive, Duncan honchoed Silver Spring’s redevelopment. Now a University of Maryland Vice President, he envisions something bigger — and better.

“I’ve always said when you have a good Town Center, people like going there, they like bringing friends there, and hanging out there. And we don’t have anything like that in College Park.”

Right now, students who come in by Metro, have to take a shuttle or walk a mile to the main campus. University administrators hope the light rail Purple Line will take them right past the new East Campus development and up into the main part of the university.

Duncan has to be careful not to alienate residents who think College Park is just fine now. But he says a world class college really needs a world class downtown. Visits to any major college town across America will leave the visitor wondering is there really a campus on route 1. Part of the college experience is outside the classroom and right now, University of Maryland students biggest source of community is the parking lot in front of the local CVS,

Duncan says the same company that developed Downtown Silver Spring has already signed on to develop East Campus. He hopes to finish phase one by 2011.

Look for updates on this project as they become available.

If you are interested in moving to the College Park area, I would be glad to help you. I can be reached at 301-509-5111 or via email at

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