Daily Fair Diary Day Three (busman’s holiday)

Well Monday is children’s day at the Fair. I did not sign up to work in the booth on this day. I have to share that one of the great fair attendance joy’s is to see the wonder in children’s eyes as they wander from one livestock area to another. Grownups usually have forgotten the thrill of standing right NEXT to a real cow! The biggest thing wandering the suburbs in today’s world is the neighbors dog (that is unless you live in the western suburbs that occasionally receive a visit from a wayward black bear).

I spent my day off from the fair at the fair. I went from booth to booth rediscovering the longing for a hot tub that I thought was quite removed from my psychie. I sampled assorted flavored pretzels from Pennsylvania. I tried my luck hurling darts and unbreakable balloons. I test my free throw skills with basketballs that had more bounce than the original super balls. I plunked down my dollar and spent some time with the worlds largest horse. I have to confess, I even spent the money to see the two header raccoon and five legged goat.

The time spent on the midway always seems to tire me out. As luck would have it, when the heat and walking finally hit me, I was standing in front of yet another pizza vendor that was situated adjacent to the Bingo tent.

Those of you that passed by in mid-afternoon may not have noticed, but that content looking fellow wiping the pizza off his t-shirt really did say BINGO. The magic continues.

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