Daily Fair Diary….Day Six

So in the Bible, on the seventh day, God rested. Those shoes are too big to fill for me. I had to take a break on day six. I planned to visit a BNI group for a breakfast meeting (I was subbing for a fellow agent and that meant the breakfast was free!) and then drive over to Needwood Golf Course and play a round of golf.

It was overcast and reasonably cool and I was able to join a threesome on the first tee. My drive was perfect, splitting the fairway and coming to rest about 90 yards out. I used a wedge to hit my approach shot to within 15 feet of the flag. My birdie putt was just a few inches from the mark and I settled for a solid par to start my day.

Then……..the rains came. The thunderstorm scheduled for late afternoon erupted six hours early. I returned to my car and put my rain soaked clubs in the back and drove to the office. I spent the rest of my day off dealing with various transactions. All was not lost. In the evening, some friends and I enjoyed the ballgame at RFK. A good friend had tickets that they could not use and dropped them off at the office for me. Great seats!

So even a day off that gets turned upside down can end swell. County fairs and baseball….great American pastimes that are a priviledge to share.

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