Daily Fair Diary….Day Five

Well, it is wednesday night and I have to share….my feet hurt. I had the afternoon shift today. I got there a little early figuring that the person working the morning shift might want to scoot sooner than later (I seem to be the only one in the fair crew that loves the opportunity). Well, much to my surprise, I replaced no one. The early person left around lunch time and the booth had been empty for awhile.

Within minutes of my arrival, a very nice young woman stopped by and wanted to discuss the sale of her home. She has been going back and forth between her house and the home her mom left her two years ago. She had stopped by a bit earlier but no one was in the booth and she was taking one more chance on her way home.

I shared what appeared to be her options and she asked the I come by next week and tell her what has to be done to sell. She also asked that I bring the paperwork necessary to list the house.

It wasn’t an hour later that another homeowner came by and asked about selling their home. We talked about pricing and the market. After a conversation and answering questions, we made an appointment to have me come by and list the home this weekend.

The rest of my tour was spent blowing up balloons, chatting with folks that came by for general information and taking a break to partake in the most wonderful funnel cake.

My shift ended at around six and I was able to go across the way and enjoy the finest fried chicken dinner on the lot. After eating, I figured..why sit in rush hour traffic and went over and watched the monster truck show. Just another day in paradise.

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